Scott & Fara Gray serving with FamilyLife


Who We Are...

   Welcome to our website!  

  So how did a BP manager and a school librarian get to FamilyLife®? Our call to ministry was a gradual process.  In 2001, we were called to help a young pastor reinvigorate an old church which grew to include several young families who had no previous faith or church experience.  

Our pastor quickly became overwhelmed with family counseling and asked us to journey with a couple who was experiencing challenges in their marriage. 

    Not knowing how to meet their needs, we were looking for materials to help them when God led us to an old friend via Facebook who happened to be on missionary staff at FamilyLife.

    Our friend recommended using one of FamilyLife's HomeBuilders (now known as Art of Marriage Connect) small group studies:  "Building Your Marriage to Last."  But as God would have it, the study not only helped the struggling couple, but had an amazing effect on us as well.  Later that year, we went to our first Weekend to Remember® getaway where God continued to work in our marriage!

    It was during the "Staff Opportunities" meeting (which explains how to join FamilyLife staff) at that first Weekend to Remember® that God planted the seed of our calling.  For years we felt God was calling us into some sort of full-time opportunity, but we each had an interest in other ministries.  Finally during the Staff Opportunities meeting, we knew the united path to which God was calling us.  That direction was FamilyLife!

    For the next 2 years we volunteered with the Houston Weekend to Remember team and at many Getaways, and led HomeBuilders (now known as Art of Marriage Connect) groups in our church.  During that time God clearly confirmed that the call to full-time service was His will for our lives.  We submitted our application to FamilyLife, and by the end of June 2013, we had completed raising our initial support and moved to Little Rock, Arkansas so that we could begin serving with FamilyLife.

    We believe what Psalm 127:1 says: "Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it."  We are committed to following His blueprints to build godly homes, to work diligently to touch the lives of people for Jesus Christ, and to be good stewards of the resources that God provides as we minister to families and couples through FamilyLife.

    We hope your time spent on our website will be helpful and that you will find something of value.  Please join us as we work to reach couples and families, one home at a time!


His for families,

Scott & Fara Gray